Dispatch Optimisation

So, you have the industry’s most powerful booking and dispatch system in Ghost. Everything is working perfectly; you’re receiving more bookings than ever before and fluidly managing the dispatch process all in one system. Surely nothing more can be done to further improve that, right? Not quite!

Although you may have Ghost operating like a well-oiled machine, a bit of TLC can have it operating beyond your imagination. Sit back and enjoy the automated ride.


What is Dispatch Optimisation?

Dispatch Optimisation is like ditching your Skoda for a Tesla. It’s what makes your Ghost system tick. Whilst Ghost has changed how the booking and dispatching of your services is done, Dispatch Optimisation enables your business to automatically receive bookings and dispatch multiple vehicles at the same time within seconds.

Just like with IVR Optimisation, tweaking some features in Ghost increases your systems automation, improving the efficiency of the booking and dispatch process and saving your business money.


How Dispatch Optimisation helps you

We’ve listened to you and figured out the best practices that enable us to get systems as automated as possible.

Dispatch Optimisation makes it fairer on the driver and easier on the operator, giving your business the capabilities to:

  • Automatically dispatch jobs
  • Configure dispatch settings and fairly distribute jobs
  • Configure different backup zones for different times of the day
  • Help identify priority jobs


These are just some of the things that can be done to help maximise automation of your Ghost system.


Customer Feedback

Here's what one of our customers, Alpha Minicabs had to say after having their Ghost system optimised.


Want to know more?

For more information on Dispatch Optimisation or if you wish to purchase it, please contact our sales team on or 0161 491 7777 .

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