COVID-19 Update

Together, with our friends at Curtis Gabriel, we are recommending the following actions.

In light of the current COVID-19 outbreak, Autocab and Curtis Gabriel are committed to helping our clients through this period. Below is a list of actions that we recommend you take as a company, as well as a comprehensive guide to all that we are doing to support you through this uncertain time.

What you should be doing operationally:

  • Ensuring a constant supply of hand sanitizers/anti-bac wipes are readily available in each vehicle for both drivers and customers.
  • Avoiding tactile contact as much as possible, i.e. handshaking, cash handling, having reading materials in public places.
  • Regular driver testing for the virus (if possible).
  • Card Payments as opposed to cash handling.
  • Cleaning the vehicle between journeys.
  • Driver masks.
  • Deep Clean of the car at the end of the day, both inside and out.
  • Segregation/partition between drivers and customers.
  • Driver training – cleaning techniques, infection control etc.
  • Clearly display advice materials from NHS and WHO, including how to wash your hands properly. Please note, ensure these are stuck down so they can’t be picked up.

What Curtis Gabriel will communicate via social media for their customers:

  • No option to rideshare with unknown individuals unlike Uber/Lyft.
  • That all drivers and staff are educated on the current guidelines provided by the Government and WHO and have put the above measures in place.
  • A genuine care and concern for the local and wider community.
  • Neutral and balanced content, avoiding any potentially controversial or unsensitive topics, whilst still focusing on the key USPs of the business.
  • Adjusted commercial focuses, if necessary.
  • The ability to continue providing quality services to the general public.

For a downloadable version of this guide, click here.

At Autocab, our offices remain open for business, with everything running as normal. In the background, we are preparing both our colleagues and our systems for situations where it may be necessary for some home working. This will be done with minimal disruption and should not affect your business.

Please be assured that we are closely following guidelines set out by the World Health Organisation and the government to inform our actions and will send out regular communications to advise on any changes.

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