Colour code your driver/vehicle capabilities

Give your drivers a sign that jobs specifically for their vehicle/driver capabilities are available with colour codes in Driver Companion.

In Driver Companion, jobs will appear in the following way:

  • Upcoming jobs will appear under the large clock
  • Jobs available in the next 15minutes will appear under the 15 clock
  • Jobs available in the next 30minutes will appear under the 30 clock

As well as showing number of jobs per zone, you can also add colours to jobs which correlate with driver/vehicle capability. It’s a simple way of helping your drivers to achieve the best from their jobs and recognise where their services are needed.

Capability colour can be set up by going to Management > Setting > System > Vehicle Communication and then clicking on Broadcast Pages. This is engineer setting, so if you do not have access, please speak to a member of the Autocab team.

Once you are on this page, you can select 3 driver/vehicle capabilities and order of priority. These could be a female driver, 6-seater vehicle, uniform, pets, wheelchair accessibility and so on. Once 3 have been selected, they will automatically be assigned with a colour (either blue, orange or green).

To ensure drivers receive the relevant jobs for their specific capabilities, you will need confirm these by going to Management > Vehicle. Once you are on this page, select a vehicle which has a capability and click ‘edit’ at the top of the page. Then, click on the three dots next to ‘Vehicle capabilities’.

On this page you will be able to tick a capability relevant to that vehicle. Please note, the capability you select must match with the capabilities you have selected in Vehicle Communications. This should also be replicated for Driver Capabilities by going to Management > Driver.

Once this has been set up, if a job is booked with a driver/vehicle capability, drivers will see jobs with relevant capabilities appear in a coloured box on their Driver Companion App. These will only show on Driver Companion apps for vehicles/drivers who are able to cover them, i.e. a saloon would not see any type of MPV work.

These colours also show across multiple zones, meaning that drivers are able to move to a nearby zone if they know that a job which requires their capability is coming up.

Please note: the maximum number of colour capabilities is limited to 3.

For further information, please speak to a member of the Autocab team.


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