Blacklisting and whitelisting your customers

It’s important to prioritise your dependable and repeat customers (to recognise and make them feel special), whilst also ensuring that unreliable and rude customers are blocked from using your service. Using our blacklist and whitelist set up, your operators will be able to instantly recognise customers under both lists and take necessary actions to either block or prioritise their booking.

Setting up Blacklist/Whitelist

To access Caller Blacklist, for unreliable customers, go to Management > Caller Blacklist (for Caller Whitelist, visit Management > Whitelist). Both lists are set up in the same method.

To create a new Blacklist/Whitelist entry, click ‘New’.

On this screen, enter either an address or telephone numbers, in the same way you would on the booking screen. Please note: it is possible to enter both, however if you do this, the blacklist/whitelist entry will not be triggered on the booking screen unless BOTH the address AND phone number have been input. If entering a phone number, ensure that you include numbers for both ‘0’ and ‘+44’ e.g. 07123 456 789 and +44 7123 456 789.

Then enter a reason for the entry (this will be shown on the screen to operators so be mindful of your wording).

To save the entry, click ‘OK’.


Use of Blacklist/Whitelist

Once set up, when the specified telephone number or address is used on the booking screen (either by typing it in or by Caller ID), a pop-up message will be shown containing a reason for blacklist/whitelist.

The operator must dismiss this pop-up message before continuing and, if the caller is blacklisted, they may still progress with the booking if they choose to.

Removing a Blacklist/Whitelist entry

You may wish to remove a customer from either list. To do this, go to Management > Caller Blacklist (or Management > Caller Whitelist) and click to ‘edit’ the entry. On the window, click the tick box next to ‘Deleted’ and then click ‘OK’ to save. The entry will remain on the system but will not be used. This means it is easy to re-enable the entry in the future by simply unticking the box again.

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