Automate your rent collection

Are you still collecting rent from your drivers personally? Try one of our automated solutions and take the strain away from your weekly/monthly collection.

Collecting rent can be painful and formidable task for private hire and taxi firm owners. Negotiations and arguments over payment extensions and part payments can make it a time-consuming and often unpleasant undertaking. But not with our automated payment options…

Our automated payment options remove any unpleasant feelings towards rent payment, providing you with a fast and efficient solution. Let our system do the work for you:

  • See immediately who has paid and how much of your rent has been collected
  • Allow your drivers to get back on the road quickly
  • Your staff won’t need to spend all day counting coins, supervising driver or chasing rent, allowing them to get on with their day-to-day jobs
  • Payments are easy, fast and automatic, and provide you with increased security

Find out more about our automated payment options below.


Rent day can often mean long days counting coins. With our ScanCoin system, you remove this hassle. Drivers can pay using coins, notes or card, saving you time and money. You set the deadline and amount the drivers need to pay. And, what’s more, if drivers miss the deadline, ScanCoin can automatically lock them out of their Driver Companion until payment is made.

ScanCoin can also be tailored to your business and comes with a number of optional extras including weather proofing, rear access panels, additional payment collectors and a tamper proof security alarm. Simply select the options you need. You can find out more about ScanCoin here.


Our most popular payment option. PayPal automates payments using your Driver’s PayPal devices (this requires an engineer set-up so please speak with one of the team).

Once enabled, to pay any outstanding balance, drivers simply visit Driver Sheets on Driver Companion. If there is an outstanding amount to pay, they can simply click the card icon, the amount will appear on their PayPal device and they can make a contactless payment.

What’s more, with a purchase of a PayPal device, customers will be able to pay for their journey using contactless – easy and hassle free.

We are currently providing a special offer price on all of the above products. If you are interested in finding out more information, please speak to our Sales Team on 0161 491 7777 or email

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