Autofab Five take 2!

Welcome to the second segment of Autocab’s ‘AutoFab Five’, here you will find five feel-good examples of the amazing work our customers are doing throughout these uncertain times.


City Cabs Edinburgh Ltd

City Cabs have been working tirelessly to give NHS heroes free rides to work and back. Their hard work has not gone unnoticed, with the 'Fresh Meat' star Greg McHugh, tweeting them saying:

"This is astoundingly brilliant. An industry struggling still supporting the #keyworkers of the #nhs. Superb superb superb!!!!!!!". Reading this really has made my day. It’s this level of humanity that will be remembered- utter kudos to you and all the drivers."

In total, City Cabs Edinburgh gave over 630 free rides to NHS front-line workers and they have also given 731 non-front-line workers journeys at 40% off.

Not only this, over the Easter weekend, they also delivered 200 chocolate eggs to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children.


Nottingham Cars

Nottingham Cars have been working hard to bring smiles to the local hospital during these uncertain times. They delivered fresh fruit to the Priory Hospital to say a big thank you for all of their hard work and dedication throughout these difficult times.

Nottingham Cars have also been doing their bit for the community, working in partnership with a local supermarket to deliver food to local vulnerable people in the area.


Star Cars & Coaches Ltd

Star Cars & Coaches have got a bit of a different success story. Last week a member of the team received a call from a young gentleman panicking, saying his girlfriend was in labour and asking about the timing of her contractions, and for advice.

It turned out he thought he had called the delivery suite and instead had called Star! He then called for a taxi to take her to the hospital and Star were there within a matter of minutes.

The customer and his partner were extremely thankful for the service received from the Star Cars & Coaches team.


Neales Taxis

Neales Taxis have also been doing their bit to support the NHS at this difficult time. They have been offering free journeys to all NHS staff and key workers.

This hasn't gone unnoticed on Twitter, here is just one of the lovely bits of feedback that they have received:

"Can I just say a massive thank you to @NealesTaxis for providing me free rides every day to go to and from work. It's nice to recognise the effort they provide in our community at the time of this pandemic. "


A-Line Chesterfield

Finally, another amazing story from the team at A-Line Chesterfield. St Augustines Church issued a call for help in delivering over 90 food parcels to vulnerable residents, the team of hardworking drivers were only too happy to oblige!

This selfless act of kindness was done completely free of charge to help keep their local community safe.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all of our amazing customers who are continuing to inspire us with their selfless work for their communities! Done something amazing in your local area? Let us know about it by tagging us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and we’ll feature you in the blog!

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