Autocab pledges £500,000 to the taxi industry

This week, Autocab announced 3 Pledges to help our customers during these unprecedented times.


Autocab Pledges

  1. We pledge to allocate £500,000 to help operators in need with the creation of the Operator Relief Fund, which we would like to use to give a discount on your next 3 monthly Ghost Cloud payments.
  2. We pledge that we will not make any profits during this difficult period. We commit that we will only ask you to pay us the cost of delivering the services you need from us and no more.
  3. We pledge that we’re going to conduct our business in a calm, responsible and sustainable fashion. We’ve been trading for 30 years and we’ve seen many competitors come and go during that time. Our customers expect us to be here for the long-term and we plan to be here for the next 30 years. We will take care of our loyal and hardworking staff, who have supported you over the years and not make rash decisions which could impact their employment. We will commit to being there for our customers during this difficult time and continue to invest in the future of the taxi industry.

We know you’re hurting out there and private hire taxi companies across the country are reporting a significant drop in demand, as the general public heeds government advice and avoids unnecessary social contact.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak began, we have looked at ways we could help our customers financially. We have had a long hard look at our business and especially at our costs. At Autocab our single biggest cost is our people. Over 70% of our team consists of technical staff that help support your system as well as innovate and develop features that enable us all to stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape. Therefore, we are doing everything to ensure we retain our talented team to be able to meet our customer’s increasing demand during this difficult period and fulfil their expectations in the future.

Our second biggest cost is the cloud architecture that supports our customers’ booking and dispatch systems. Processing and storing so much data comes at significant cost which is included in your SaaS license fee – to be able to keep your business systems up and running, we must continue to pay our cloud service providers, AWS and Azure to retain your data in the cloud and prevent data loss.

Therefore, we have created the Operator Relief Fund:

The Operator Relief Fund

We are delighted to announce the creation of the Operator Relief Fund, worth £500,000, which we would like to use to give a discount on your next 3 monthly Ghost cloud payments.

Autocab customers are invited to opt-in to the Operator Relief Fund if you require a discount on your payments over the next 3 months. We imagine that larger operators are in a slightly better financial position to weather the storm and the purpose of the Fund is to give help to the firms that really need it. In the spirit of working together as an industry, we encourage firms who don’t require support not to opt-in to ensure the Fund reaches the firms that need it most. We believe the Operator Relief Fund is a sustainable way for Autocab to help our customers when they most need it.

Our aim is to distribute the entirety of these funds proportionately across all operators that opt-in.

Please note we are delaying drawing ALL direct debits or requests for BACS transfers until April 10th to give operators the opportunity to opt-in, if you wish to benefit from the Operator Relief Fund, you must do so before April 6th, 2020.

To conclude, we will get through this crisis successfully by working together. We regard ourselves as business partners with each and every one of you and believe that we’re all on this journey together. We take inspiration from the brave members of the NHS and key workers who are on the frontline of fighting this virus. We’ve seen our operators offering discounted trips, delivering care packages to vulnerable people and providing help to those who need it most. It makes us proud to be part of this industry and to count you all as customers.

We look forward to us all coming through this crisis together.

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