Reduce charge-backs with 3D secure

Are you experiencing high volumes of charge-backs on your app? If so, we have a solution for you. The simple solution to reduce charge-backs is to implement 3D secure in your app. However, we understand that taxi firms can often … Continue Reading

Reduce your job rejections with adequate booking information

Often, when drivers are not provided with booking details for a job i.e. cost, pick-up, zone, they reject the job when it comes through to their PDA. And, as it is difficult to punish a driver for rejecting a booking … Continue Reading

Let customers know it’s YOU texting

Using multiple SIMs on textgateway is necessary to ensure that your customers are kept informed via text on their booking confirmation, car dispatch, car arrival and much more. However, due to the use of multiple SIM cards, customers often receive … Continue Reading

Improve customer service with driver alerts

Want to significantly improve your customer service? Try turning on our warning alerts for drivers. Sometimes, when drivers are due to begin their shift, they may decide to accept a job before they get into their vehicle. Before they know … Continue Reading

Never miss a job with Phantom’s Missed Call Back feature

When your phonelines are busy and customers are waiting in a long queue to speak to an operator, they can often become frustrated. As a result, they may decide to put the phone down and call another taxi firm in … Continue Reading

Download customer emails from your app

When customers start using your Passenger App, they are prompted to enter an email address to access their account, which is then stored in the back end of your system. However, what most operators are unaware of is that you … Continue Reading

Using penalties effectively

As discussed in our previous Driver Penalty Zones blog, penalising drivers for rejecting jobs can be a difficult decision to make for operators and can cause frustrations. However, if used correctly, penalties, backup zones and auto-dispatch can improve both automation … Continue Reading

The success of the London soft merge module

Join forces and combat Uber with a soft merge. Autocab’s soft merge module lets firms exchange jobs without a formal partnership, merger or takeover; you’ll have all the tools you need to provide city-wide or regional coverage. The success of the … Continue Reading

Driver Groups

Did you know that with our Ghost system, you can set up select groups for your drivers? Groups provide you with a number of options and commands which aim to help you manage your drivers and their activity. From map … Continue Reading