Why you shouldn’t use Uber: Five reasons to give your next customer who asks

Uber’s story is well known – the company shot to fame in 2012, following a soft launch in London and a swiftly executed PR campaign. In what felt like an overnight surge, the app started to win over thousands of … Continue Reading

London’s minicabs have a cunning plan to beat Uber at its own game – Autocab’s feature in Wired UK

Yesterday, our CEO Safa Alkateb featured in Wired UK to discuss how our technology is empowering local taxi firms to combat Uber. With coverage across 320 towns and cities in the UK (in comparison Uber only covers 22 UK cities) … Continue Reading

We are celebrating 3 billion bookings across our cloud-based software!

This week, we celebrated achieving a whopping 3 billion bookings via our cloud-based software!  This number comprises a recent milestone of 1 billion bookings through our automated call-handling system, Phantom 3, since its launch in 2014, as well as web … Continue Reading

Launching our award-winning Facebook Chatbot

This week we officially launched our award-winning Chatbot for Facebook; the first AI booking tool in the industry. Winner of Best use of Webchat/AI/Robotics at the 2018 Engage Awards, our Chatbot demonstrates an innovative use of new technology for customer … Continue Reading

Blacklisting and whitelisting your customers

It’s important to prioritise your dependable and repeat customers (to recognise and make them feel special), whilst also ensuring that unreliable and rude customers are blocked from using your service. Using our blacklist and whitelist set up, your operators will … Continue Reading

Reinstate former drivers quickly and easily

For taxi and private hire owners, it’s a common occurrence for drivers to move from firm to firm within their area. And, with this, comes the possibility that they may revisit a former taxi firm and start work with them … Continue Reading

Automate your rent collection

Are you still collecting rent from your drivers personally? Try one of our automated solutions and take the strain away from your weekly/monthly collection. Collecting rent can be painful and formidable task for private hire and taxi firm owners. Negotiations … Continue Reading

Colour code your driver/vehicle capabilities

Give your drivers a sign that jobs specifically for their vehicle/driver capabilities are available with colour codes in Driver Companion. In Driver Companion, jobs will appear in the following way: Upcoming jobs will appear under the large clock Jobs available … Continue Reading

For locations on the edge of a zone, use Auto Plot Out Tolerance

When creating zones, it is inevitable that some locations and roads cross over into another zone. This is particularly common for taxi ranks on the edge of a zone or in small zones, as if there is only one space … Continue Reading