App Optimisation

Supercharge your Passenger App  

Our Passenger App has been designed to enable your customers to book your services directly through your own, fully white-labelled app in just a few swipes.

As technology has developed at an exponential rate; with phones now being as powerful as computers, so have people’s expectations as to how they perform. Due to the need to meet demands of both yours and your customers’, along with staying ahead in the ever-changing technology landscape, we can super charge your Passenger App with App Optimisation that, adds further automation to your system.


What is App Optimisation?

App Optimisation, as with IVR and Dispatch Optimisation is about increasing and improving the automation of your system. In doing so, you are improving your customers booking experience along with increasing the efficiency of your business, essentially saving you time and money.


How App Optimisation helps you

App Optimisation helps maximise the automation of your Passenger App. Our engineers can configure your app settings to ensure max configuration, enabling you to do things such as advertise your app and prioritise app jobs.


Customer feedback

Here's what Central Cars Nottingham had to say after having App Optimisation.



Want to know more?

For more information on Dispatch Optimisation or if you wish to purchase it, please contact our sales team on or 0161 491 7777.

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