Our Phantom Phone System offers unparalleled automation and maximises your taxi business’s call handling capabilities.

Automation of your Phantom Phone System is achieved through IVR, which enables your customers to make bookings over the phone without any human interaction.

As with much technology, in order to maximise efficiency and effectiveness, it has to be maintained and configured and the same goes with IVR.

So, why would you want to automate your phone system in the first place?


The downlow on IVR Optimisation

Before you start thinking things are going to get all Terminator and ‘robots’ are going to take jobs and wipe out the human race, that’s far from the case.

Automating your phone system saves your business money as it reduces the need for staff operating the phones, meaning they can focus on more complex tasks like corporate account work, whilst IVR handles the more simple bookings. It also makes the booking process easier for the customer. Rather than waiting in a queue on the phone, they can simply and quickly book a taxi through the automated phone line otherwise known as IVR.

Not only are you increasing businesses productivity and reducing costs with IVR Optimisation, but you can achieve up to 70% overall automation levels. With potential like that, why wouldn’t you optimise your IVR?


The benefits

With IVR Optimisation your business can take full advantage of the settings and features of the Phantom Phone System such as:

  • In-call adverts when on hold to an operator
  • Caller priority – Prioritise callers based on their importance to your business
  • Enable IVR missed call-back
  • Passenger reliability ratings.

Here is what one of our customers had to say after undergoing IVR Optimisation.

Optimisation isn’t only available for IVR, you can optimise both your dispatch software and your apps. Even more so, when both IVR and Dispatch are optimised they can work together to automate bookings and dispatching, further automating your business!


Want to know more?

For more information on IVR Optimisation or if you wish to purchase it, please contact our sales team on sales@autocab.com or 0161 491 7777 .



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