Join forces and combat Uber with a soft merge.

Autocab’s soft merge module lets firms exchange jobs without a formal partnership, merger or takeover; you’ll have all the tools you need to provide city-wide or regional coverage.

The success of the London soft merge

The London soft merge boasts a coverage of over 2300+ in the London area, and continues to grow. With the help of Autocab’s powerful system and a dedicated team, customers are able to work together and share jobs with other firms in the group that they are otherwise unable to fulfil. Through this, the London soft merge has provided a creative solution to the problem of not having enough cars to cover jobs and thus, prevented customers from turning to the bigger fleets such as Uber and Addison Lee.

Working together, Autocab have also implemented and built the London soft merge Cab Exchange network to bridge their systems and allow them to share work manually and automatically at ease. Working closely with senior members of each firm has also allowed us to gain crucial feedback and helped us to tailor the system more efficiently and effectively.

Benefits of soft merge

  • Try before you buy – if you’re considering a formal merger with a firm in your area, try a soft merge first
  • Avoid disappointing customers – provide city-wide coverage and meet demands when your fleet is stretched by sharing jobs
  • Keep your drivers happy – fill quiet periods with shared jobs and make sure your drivers have a steady stream of work
  • Protect yourself against Uber or large firms in your area – joining forces through a soft merge gives you the capacity to stand up to ride-hailing apps and big private hire firms
  • Transparent and secure – Autocab’s secure soft merge module means you can easily share bookings while keeping your data private

Get in touch with your Account Manager for more information or click here to request a demo and see how Autocab and soft merge could help you grow your business.

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