Does your taxi business still employ someone to manually dispatch vehicles?

With the Christmas rush well and truly upon us, perhaps it’s time you tried Auto Dispatch to utilise your staff and ensure reduce the number of drivers leaving you for the competition.

With Advanced Dispatch, zones can be maximised and jobs fairly distributed to drivers automatically using three dispatch options; longest waiting, nearest vehicle and shortest waiting. You can read a previous blog on how this works by clicking here.

And, if you’re still wondering whether you should switch to advanced dispatch after reading our previous blog, maybe the below reasons will help with your decision:

  1. Uber currently uses this as a recruitment policy – You may be losing drivers to the competition if they feel jobs aren’t been distributed fairly. Auto dispatch will take away the pain of this and, if Uber is doing it, you should probably use this method too.
  2. The industry is moving towards this option – most of your competitors and the majority of Autocab customers are using Auto Dispatch, so you may be behind the times.
  3. Utilise your staff – not only is this option far more efficient and fairer, but it also frees up the member of staff you currently have on manual dispatch. This means you’ll have an extra pair of hands to help with booking jobs or perhaps to promote your app.

This is an engineering only setting so if you’d like to enable advanced dispatch, please speak to the Autocab team. 

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