Did you know that customers who advertise their passenger app through their IVR see their downloads increase within a week?

Unfortunately, unprompted, it’s unlikely that your customers will think to search the app store for your passenger app. The more likely outcome is that new passengers will google ‘local taxi firms’, find your phone number on the listings, then call to book a taxi.

The good news is, once you’ve got customers on the phone, you can let your IVR advertise your passenger app, for free, and encourage customers to download it. Adding a message as simple as “Jump the queue: for future bookings, why not download our new app. Available on iPhone and Android” whilst your customers are on hold can help to boost your downloads and reduce the number of calls you receive.

What’s more, with Autocab Analytics, you can actually track app downloads and measure the impact that your changes are having. We call it x-ray vision for your business.

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