When your customers book a job and there are no cars available in their zone or the surrounding zones, the job will appear on the bid screen of our Driver Companion app for drivers to request. This will then remain on the screen until a driver bids for the job.

But what happens when none of your drivers bid?

Our automatic soon to clear setting will take away the worry of jobs being picked up by automatically assigning them to drivers entering the job’s zone.

This works in the following way:

  • A driver fulfilling a previous job enters the zone where the current job has been requested
  • As they have entered the job’s zone, it will be held for the driver for several minutes (to be set by the operator in Ghost) and automatically assigned to them once they have completed the previous job

To enable this setting on Ghost, please speak to the service desk as the ‘Soon to Clear Mode’ is an engineer-only setting. It can be set to ‘Manual & Automatic’ or ‘Automatic’ only if you prefer.

Once the ‘Soon to Clear Mode’ option is set by an Autocab engineer, you will need to set the hold time for the job. We recommend holding the job for 3 minutes, however, this can be modified to a time of your choosing. To set this, click through to Management > Settings > Configuration > Dispatch and scroll down to ‘Soon to Clear Time’.  The time can be set in hours, minutes and seconds.

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