Do you have drivers who repeatedly reject jobs but are unsure how to handle the situation? We may have a solution for you…

In Ghost we have a penalty setting which can be activated for drivers who reject jobs. These penalties block drivers from accepting jobs for a predefined period of time and are separated into two categories: Reject and Recover.

  • Reject refers to drivers who have turned down a job
  • Recover relates to drivers who initially accept a job, view the details and then send it back to Ghost
    • These jobs can be particularly frustrating for customers as, once the job has been accepted and then rejected, their estimated time of arrival (ETA) will extend as the job is transferred from one driver to another

In previous version of Ghost, operators could either enable or disable penalties. If enabled, any driver who rejected a job would be automatically blocked from accepting jobs for a set amount of time. Understandably, this option has not been popular with operators as incurring penalties can cause frustrations amongst drivers.

However, in a new enhancement, we have introduced an ‘if backup zone’ option. If an operator selects this option, only drivers who reject a job in the zones they are working will be penalised. If they reject a job from a backup zone, they will not be penalised.

To enable this feature, go to Management – Zones – Zones and click on edit at the top of the page. In this section, you will find the two penalty options; recover and reject.



To select the new enhanced option, click the (…) icon and select ‘If backup zone’. You will need to set this for both sections. Settings will default to disable if not selected.


Driver penalty times

Once penalties have been enabled, operators will need to select the penalty times for recover and reject jobs. This can be found in Management – Settings – Configuration – Dispatch.

In this menu you will find a range of times for specific segmented groups. The severity of the punishment can be altered depending on whether the driver has cancelled on an account customer, a customer paying with a cash or a customer who has ordered through the Passenger App. Penalties can be set in hours, minutes and seconds.



For further information on the above, contact our support team who will be able to talk you through the process.

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