To make customer journeys easier with our app, operators now have the ability to add points of interest (POIs) into the ‘Popular’ tab of the ‘App Settings’ page. All operators need to do is add the address (using the green button), set a radius for the POI and select ‘Yes’ on the ‘Show in Destination column’.



With POI’s configured, a ‘popular locations’ section will appear in the app when a customer clicks to add their destination. These popular locations will readjust depending on the area and radius that the customer is in.

For example, if a customer is in Leeds, they will see popular destinations within that area of Leeds.



This feature also enables customers to pin point more specific locations, including train stations, hospitals, airports and some large supermarkets. If customers drop their pin near to a POI, provided they drop the pin within the radius set in app settings, the POI will also appear.

So, rather than the pick-up address being a road name next to a major location, which may be confusing for customers and some drivers, customers can drop a pin on their exact location and the POI name will show in the ‘pickup address’ box.

For example, if a customer is at Loch Fyne restaurant, they are able to find this exact location, making pick-up far easier for both driver and customer.



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