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Social media has become an integral part of all good marketing strategies due to it being cost effective and having unprecedented global reach. But where do you start? How do you pick the right social network for your business? And most importantly, what content will resonate best with your target audience?

To help you answer these questions Autocab has written Social Media for Taxi & Private Hire Firms, the latest edition in the Driving Innovation series. The eBook provides a comprehensive overview of the biggest social media platforms and what content generates the most buzz – all written from the viewpoint of taxi and private hire firms.

Choosing the right social channels for your business

There are dozens of social media networks out there all with different themes and different demographics. Content that works well on one social network doesn’t necessarily translate to another. For example, whilst a whimsical tweet may entertain your followers on Twitter, the same update may fail to have the same impact on LinkedIn where the tone is more professional and business orientated.

What content generates the most engagement?

Choosing the right social media content to distribute will largely depend on your company’s brand, the image you want to portray and your target audience. If you’re a luxury private hire firm specialising in premium vehicles, your social media content and writing style will be wildly different from a taxi firm targeting university students with discounted fares.

As a luxury brand, uploading pictures of your prized cars would be an effective way to whet your customers’ appetites. Whereas, the taxi firm targeting local students would aim to make their post vibrant and informal by showcasing plenty of emojis and hashtags such as #studentdiscount #cheaptaxis.

With over 50 ideas for social media campaigns to help you reach more customers and more drivers, isn’t it time you super-charged your social media strategy?

Social Media for Taxi and private hire firms eBook


To learn more about building a solid and engaging social media strategy, download the new eBook for free.

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