The rise of ride-hailing apps like Uber has changed the way passengers see taxi services. If you’re not convinced that your customers want a booking app – think again. Autocab’s 2018 Passenger Survey has revealed that over half of respondents regularly use taxi booking apps and 60 percent would rather use an app or website to book a journey than call a taxi company directly.

The survey, commissioned by Autocab and carried out by MRFGR, asked smartphone owners who regularly use private taxi services about their booking habits. Participants represented a range of ages and locations, both urban and rural.

The results showed that even those who had never used a taxi booking app were interested in using one in the future. Participants also shared why they’d prefer using an app, rather than call a company directly.

Check out the Passenger Survey infographic for stats that prove consumers want booking software at their fingertips, or book a demo to find out how Autocab’s Passenger App can help you deliver what your customers want.


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