Autocab’s 2018 Passenger Survey has revealed the booking habits of taxi and private hire passengers, giving an insight into the changes and trends impacting companies across the industry.

Calling by phone to book a journey was still the number one booking method, but over half of participants also frequently use booking apps.

Commissioned by Autocab and carried out by MRFGR, the survey asked smartphone owners who regularly use private taxi services about their booking habits. Participants represented a range of ages and locations, both urban and rural.

The results revealed just how much technology has changed the industry, with 60 percent of participants saying they’d rather use an app or website than call a company to place a booking.



The survey also revealed the top words associated with taxi and private hire firms and customers’ top five factors when choosing firm. While the number one factor, ‘price’, might not come as a surprise to many taxi and private hire businesses, other top factors included punctuality, easy booking and good customer service. It’s a sign that passengers want quality, as well as a good deal.

See the full findings of the Autocab Passenger Survey or book a demo to find out how Autocab’s products can help you deliver what your customers want.

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