Not got enough call takers to handle peak demand?

Don’t worry there’s a whole range of products that can help you to get work into your cars without touching a telephonist.

Here’s just a few:

IVR (interactive Voice Response)

A ‘smart’ server catches calls before they reach your telephone system and will handle those calls according to your instructions. Some companies have taken their IVR handled calls up to 70% but a more normal level is around 25%. Your ‘virtual’ telephonist costs a fraction of a human one plus it doesn’t need holidays, doesn’t get sick, need pay rises,. Etc.

Booking by Smartphone App

Let your customers book the job themselves. Apps are available in web-based (suit all formats) or i-Phone and Android versions


For larger Account customers you might want to offer a larger, more structured environment where they feel they have more ‘control’. Autocab’s E-Booking offers just that plus access to bookings, history – in fact, just like having a booking station to themselves.

Text Booking

Customers who prefer the ‘text’ environment can save a range of jobs with logical ‘tags’ and can book the job by simply sending the ‘tag’.


Want to create a virtual booking point anywhere you like. Thanks to the advances in technology this is now possible. A unique telephone number is allocated for each location – jobs booked from the TextPoint will be acknowledged by text and a unique job number allocated.

With all of these, you will have more than enough hands to get the job done.

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