12 features of Christmas

Tel-elf-phone messages

Bring the holiday spirit with on hold Christmas music and festive phone messages on Phantom.  

Setting up music 

To get set up, log into Phantom. To navigate to the Music on Hold section, go to Recordings -> System Recordings -> Music on Hold Manager. 

Click the + New MOH button in the top right of the page. From here you can upload an audio file* and give it a name.  

*Remember to check for copyright or pay for a Christmas song. 

Click the save button and you’ll see your uploaded audio file on the Music on Hold page. Audio files must be in .wav or .mp3 format and mustn’t exceed 2MB in size (for files larger than this – contact support). 

 To apply your music on hold to a queue, go to the Routing -> Queues section, click edit on the queue you wish to apply the Music on Hold audio to (make sure ‘Ring Instead of MoH’ is set to ‘No’) and choose your new Music on Hold audio file from the dropdown: 

Click Save and you’re all done! 

Setting up music and messages 

To add an on hold voice over, you have one of two options: 

  • Request a voice over from a third party voice actor, then raise a ticket with our Tech Support Team ( with the audio file and your music and they’ll stitch it together for you  
  • Use your tts by going to Recording -> File Manager and clicking ‘Create Recording’. Note: this is only available to cloud customers 
  • If you would like to add music to this voiceover, you will need to raise a ticket with our Tech Support team and request what voiceover you would like to accompany your music 

The possibilities are endless for phone messages but don’t forget to promote: 

  • Your Passenger App 
  • Festive promo codes 
  • Safety measure – promote taxi as the safest way to travel this holiday period 
  • Your delivery service
  • Maybe a Christmas joke while they’re on hold! 


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