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Inevitably, with driver shortages, customers will be let down when trying to book a taxi and may decide to book on multiple apps. Rewards allows you to incentivise customers to use your app above others by rewarding them for travelling with you.

Each time customers use your app to make a booking, they'll earn reward points/cash which can be redeemed for discounts and free rides with your firm. Great for improving customer retention and satisfaction ratings. You'll also be able to reward new customers who register on your app, meaning more bookings and increased automation for your business.


Getting started​​

Contact our DevOps team to enable Rewards and update your app.

How it works

Once activated, customers will be able to access the Rewards section within the left-hand menu of their Passenger App. Here they will also find their current rewards, spendable amount and view reward details such as the Date, Amount, and Balance. Rewards can also be configured as points.

Customers can also find out more about the loyalty scheme by clicking on the'Find out how to earn Rewards' section of the Your Rewards page.

Depending on your Reward specifications, upon completion of jobs, customers will be able to view how many rewards they have accumulated from the booking.

After accumulating enough rewards, customers will have the option to use these towards their next booking by clicking on Promos & Rewards.

Once they have applied their reward, a pop up will be displayed as a confirmation.

The fare (minus their reward total) will be updated on their journey details and booking details will show the present icon to indicate the reward amount used.

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