12 features of Christmas

Pro-ho-ho-mo codes

Promo codes can be a great way of incentivising passengers to use your app above others during the holidays and can be key to gaining new customers. They can also be used to promote your service to customers who may not have used your firm for a while - visit our Analytics feature post here to find out more.

To add promo codes, visit the Promos section in Control Centre and click add. From here you'll be able to add a unique code, target audience, user limitations and much more. For Christmas-themed promotions, try adding codes such as FESTIVE5 for £5 off or CHRISTMAS10 for 10% off a ride.

TOP TIP: You can choose whether to pay the driver the discount amount by using the Pay To Driver setting.

If this setting is ON, then the promotion amount will show on the booking.

For further information, visit Loyalty - Promos in our What's New? section on Ghost.



Autocab Motto

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How to Operate in the New Normal

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