12 features of Christmas

Driver 'go home' for Christmas

With fewer drivers on the road, our ‘Go home’ feature (or Destination Mode) can be a great way of motivating drivers to do one more job on their journey home or to their final destination.

Once set up, this feature will alert the system to only send job offers that have a pick location on the way towards a drivers’ set destination, allowing you to fully utilise their time on the road.

Destination Mode is limited to a number of usages each day, however, this allowance resets every midnight. It can be enabled while on a job or offline. This will put drivers into destination mode as soon as the current job has completed, and they will no longer be offered jobs that could take them further away from their desired destination.


How to use

Switch the status bar toggle to Destination mode.

Set destination address or choose a pre-configured home address.

Drivers will now only been sent available jobs which are closer to their final destination.


Autocab motto

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How to Operate in the New Normal

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