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Call and cancel your one-horse sleigh

Simplify and automate the job cancellation process with our cancel on ABOP feature.

During the busy festive period, it’s important to optimise your drivers’ and operators’ time. With our ABOP cancellation feature, your customers will be able to cancel their bookings over the phone, without the need to speak to an operator. Great for improving time management for drivers, reducing dead mileage and saving precious resource time for your operators.  

ABOP will tell customers “Your taxi is on its way” and gives the option of:

  • “Press 0 to speak to an operator”
  • “Press 7 to cancel your booking”

This feature can be enabled within “Phantom” (“Automation” > “Master Controls” > “ABOP Master Control“), then set “ABOP Cancel” to enabled. Speak to our Tech Support team to find out more.



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