12 features of Christmas

Plan your Christmas journeys

With plenty of customers choosing to pre-book ahead of their Christmas outings, our Bid for Pre-booking feature provides your drivers with the opportunity to bid for pre-selected future jobs. This means they're able to organise their workload and ensure a better service for your customers during at time when they're at their busiest.

What's more, this features also allows your dispatchers to pre-allocate work, improving their daily planning and efficiency and alleviating any pressure during the busy festive period.

Conditions within your system are configurable to suit your businesses needs and will ensure work is fairly distributed among drivers.

For more information and a full step-by-step on how to use Bid for Pre-booking, click on the 'What's new' link found on your Ghost and Driver Companion homepage.

For a full recap of our 12 features of Christmas so far, visit our blogs homepage.

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