12 features of Christmas

A-noel-yse your workforce

Analytics can be a great way of getting under the bonnet of your business and understanding the changes needed to improve your overall operations. This is particularly important during the busy Christmas period, especially with a lack of drivers on the road.

With over 40 dashboards, our Analytics platform provides you with instant, real-time analysis across your entire business. This helps you to monitor growth trends, customers behaviour, driver activity, service levels, accounts, call centre staff and much more.

Key aspects of Analytics to consider this Christmas:

  • Are you directing your drivers to the busiest and most profitable areas? This not only helps to improve driver retention by increasing earnings, but also improves customers service, with reduced ETAs
  • Do you have enough drivers working the busiest shifts? Let them know what they could be earning by working busy days such as Friday and Saturday or provide incentives to ensure you have enough cover
  • Have you got your most efficient call centre staff on the phones? With some many calls coming in, it's important to ensure you have sufficient cover and your most competent staff taking calls
  • Do you have any customers who have stopped using your service? Send them a promo code or marketing message to invite them back

Visit our Analytics page to find out more.

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