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Delight passengers, retain drivers, and deliver a lightning-fast booking & dispatch service with Autocab’s market leading technology platform.

Booking & dispatch is the single biggest headache for private hire taxi, limo and ground transportation businesses – it’s the one area that is essential to your business, has multiple touch points with possible frictions and involves a whole lot of wasted human resources.
We call this drowning by process. The more the number of drivers, the more the number of passengers required, the more complex the problem. There is a solution, and that solution is Autocab.

Autocab – is the No. 1 supplier of taxi booking & dispatch systems in the world Having sold their first system in 1991, Autocab has grown to become the largest supplier of booking & dispatch systems in the world today. Their bespoke cloud-based SaaS solutions help power over 1500 companies across the world. Over 25 years of taxi company-inspired features have been built into our system to ensure it is the best booking & dispatch system on the market. Headquartered in Manchester, UK our customers are located all over the world. In addition to our flagship product Ghost, we have since broadened our range of services to include taxi company branded apps, analytics, bespoke phone systems as well as a range of web and social media solutions for private hire taxi, limousine and ground transportation companies of all sizes.

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